Develop For Any
Device, In Any Platform

A complete collection of powerful, modular .NET UI controls
for web, mobile and desktop

Across all of our software products and services, our focus is on helping our customers achieve their goals.

.NET Controls for Serious Application Development

Develop for any device, in any platform with ComponentOne Studio. With a control set that spans all Visual Studio platforms, including WinForms, WPF, WinRT, ASP.NET, UWP, and even ActiveX, your development needs for today and tomorrow are covered. Modular references and a flexible API streamline your app - and your development time.

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Full-Featured .NET Reporting Tools

Create virtually any report type with Visual Studio-integrated designers, components, and an extensive API. Includes royalty-free viewers for HTML5, WPF, WinForms, and ASP.NET as well as an optional server add-on.

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Next-Gen HTML5/JavaScript UI Controls

Wijmo is a line of HTML5 and JavaScript products for enterprise application development. We have cutting-edge JavaScript controls (Wijmo 5) including FinancialChart and FlexSheet as well as classic jQuery widgets (Wijmo 3). Whether you are working on modern mobile applications or need to support IE6, we have you covered.

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Spreadsheet Components for .NET and JavaScript-HTML5

Spread Studio, the most complete spreadsheet component available, adds grid and Microsoft® Excel-like spreadsheet functionality to your WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, WinRT, and JavaScript applications.

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 C1Studio for Xamarin

Give your users a native experience across mobile platforms with Xuni. Whether you need a chart for Android, a gauge for Xamarin.Forms, or a datagrid in iOS, our controls help you create enterprise-level apps for all devices using the same API across your platforms.

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